Жена и дочь. 

Постриглась и не спит



Picture of the day: Sistine Chapel before the conclave (Osservatore Romano / Reuters)

The conclave has begun. Black smoke rises - http://lenta.ru/news/2013/03/12/nopope/


PIcture of Sunday: policemen use water cannons to break up the crowd of protesters during a rally in Baku (Elmar Mustafazadeh / Reuters)

. Police in Azerbaijan fired rubber bullets and water cannon at hundreds of opposition protesters demonstrating on Sunday against violence in the military in the oil-rich country - http://www.lenta.ru/news/2013/03/10/arrest/


“Fashionable sentence”

Inmates of Moscow prison #6 take part at fashion show “Outlaw beauty” -  http://lenta.ru/photo/2013/03/08/jailedfashion/

Photos by Oleg Klimov for Lenta.ru

Софья Павловна заросла

Кто по глупости зонт оставил на работе, тот я